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Celebrating 100 Blog Posts!

I’ve been blogging since 2009 on this site, but really started posting regularly last year. This blog began as a way to talk about parenting, volunteering, being a working mom, and ADHD. I use a lot of sarcastic wit, humor … Continue reading

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Back to School, Homework Hacks in a Dev Org & Organizing My ADHDer

Well it’s that time of year again. Time to break the bank school supply shopping, take the boys in for haircuts, try to make bedtime a ‘thing’ again and take my teenager to every store in a 20 mile radius … Continue reading

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Circus Act, Juggling and My Monkeys

Organized Chaos? Maybe. I’d actually describe my life as a never-ending circus act! Step right up Ladies and Gentlemen, Time Lords and Daleks, children of ALL Ages….your eyes do not deceive you! That is right, this amazing, spectacular performance is a … Continue reading

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Lighting A Fire

Have you heard the phrase “We need to light a fire under so and so…”? It means to ‘urge or goad to action’, or to ‘encourage someone to work better or harder’. Another word that comes to mind is to … Continue reading

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OOPs I did it again! (Learn something new that is!)

I’ve been a Salesforce Administrator for just over 10 years now. When I came back from maternity leave after my middle son was born, the company I worked for had made the decision to implement Salesforce and moved me into … Continue reading

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