Celebrating 100 Blog Posts!

I’ve been blogging since 2009 on this site, but really started posting regularly last year. This blog began as a way to talk about parenting, volunteering, being a working mom, and ADHD. I use a lot of sarcastic wit, humor and always try to speak plainly. The past year I’ve focused mainly on the ‘working mom’ aspect and my role as a Salesforce Administrator. I still weave posts about my kids in, and throw in the occasional parody song or Haiku. This blog is really just a great therapeutic way for me to verbalize what is important in my life. If I make you laugh, awesome! If I help you learn something, fantastic! If I make you think about something you wouldn’t have otherwise, perfect!

For my 100th Blog Post, I’ve spent some time deciding what to post. Stats about how my blog has evolved over the years? Just a simple giant 100 image with confetti? Nah! I thought I would take this time to put into writing 100 super awesome things to celebrate! So here you go:


  1. Family (this ones a given)
  2. A supportive spouse and family
  3. The Drama-teen
  4. The Middleton
  5. The Youngest
  6. Friends
  7. Virtual Friends who feel like family
  8. Coffee
  9. Music
  10. People who love music as much as you
  11. An awesome career
  12. The Salesforce Community
  13. The ability to succeed as a Woman in Tech
  14. The interwebs and all the awesome things you can learn!
  15. Super-awesome opportunities for my kids to achieve great things
  16. Audible audiobooks
  17. Shiner
  18. Trailhead! Trailhead! Trailhead!
  19. Diversity
  20. The growth of Apple and how it inspired me at a young age
  21. Awesome Admins around the world
  22. ADHD/ADD (yes, it’s something to embrace!)
  23. Giving Back!
  24. Karaoke
  25. The Salesforce MVP Program and Community
  26. RAD Women
  27. Bosses that believed in me and pushed me
  28. Weird Al Yankovich
  29. Corn Nuts
  30. Podcasting
  31. Dreamforce
  32. Salesforce LIGHTNING!
  33. Contagious excitement and the will to help others
  34. School of Rock
  35. Small towns
  36. Big Cities
  37. Diverse Cultures in our family
  38. Girly Geeks
  39. Nerdforce listeners
  40. Crazy Texas weather
  41. PTA
  42. Booster Clubs
  43. Education – it might not always be perfect but look at what our kids learn!
  44. ADHD/ADD Medication (yup – I celebrate it!)
  45. The ability to make up our own minds
  46. Whataburger
  47. Lootcrate
  48. Amazon Prime
  49. Teachers who care
  50. Sports teams and rivalries
  51. Texas High School Homecoming Mums
  52. Salesforce Apps
  53. FinancialForce Community
  54. Halloween Costumes & Decorating
  55. Painting theater sets
  56. Musical Theatre
  57. Ready Player One
  58. The Tenth Doctor
  59. Apple Watch (you will be mine one day!)
  60. Mini Coopers
  61. Starbucks
  62. Process Builder!!!! Clicks not Code!
  63. Buying a Home
  64. Family that comes to visit
  65. Facebook – staying in touch with old friends and distant family
  66. Les Mis Soundtrack
  67. Cruise Ship Vacations
  68. Apex & the Limits
  69. Speaking at Dreamforce
  70. After school Coding Clubs
  71. 80’s Movie References
  72. Back to the Future Day!
  73. Formula Fields and Validations
  74. Custom Javascript buttons
  75. Finding other geeks and nerds who think just like you
  76. Working from home
  77. 20th High School Reunions
  78. The Helping Hand of the Community
  79. Dollar Fifty earbuds
  80. Trailhead Community Badges & Twitter Contests
  81. Blog Readers!
  82. Twitter Peeps
  83. Acrylic paints and empty canvases
  84. Hugs
  85. Finally meeting someone in real life you’ve spoken to for ages!
  86. A world where we can blog about whatever we want and sometimes people read it!
  87. Technology!
  88. Hoverboards
  89. Old School Rap music
  90. Crockpot Meals
  91. vlookup formulas in Excel
  92. Swimming Pools
  93. Open Minds
  94. Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
  95. Memories that last
  96. That one time when your kid said, “You were right mom”
  97. Sleepless nights as a parent
  98. Holidays with family
  99. Getting older
  100. Being instilled with a drive to make a difference somehow!

If you got through the whole list – way to go! If you skimmed, that’s ok too!  What would you add to the list? What super awesome things are you celebrating today?

About Nana

Mom. Salesforce Architect. Runner. Artist. Writer. I am a Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame member. For more information on the Salesforce MVP community, visit: http://www.salesforce.com/mvp/ . Salesforce, Force, Force.com, Chatter, and others are trademarks of salesforce.com, inc. and are used here with permission.
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2 Responses to Celebrating 100 Blog Posts!

  1. +1000 to #7. 😉

    Congrats on your 100th blog post and for sharing what you’re grateful for–very inspiring.

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