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Be Relevant

So I’ve been a Salesforce Administrator for a little while. And by that I mean before there were custom objects and a certification program. I’ve implemented and managed multiple complex orgs, designed processes, and have been around the block a … Continue reading

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Count the Ways

So on Twitter, the Salesforce twitter account put forth the question: How has Salesforce changed your life for good? As I’ve read the responses over the past few days I’ve thought over how to best answer the question. There are … Continue reading

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A Time to Renew

When we were displaced after the tornado, we moved into a sort of urban-ish apartment complex adjacent to a local outdoor mall. Our thought was that if we had to move into an apartment, we might as choose one that … Continue reading

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So, what do you do?

Ever been asked this question? Haha! Who hasn’t? It’s usually the first question someone asks when introduced to someone new. It’s almost obligatory. Do you have a pat answer down? An immediate response? Or do you have to think about … Continue reading

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