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Adjusting Expectations

So as we all know this year has been quite the doozy. I’ll be honest in saying that getting through this year has really been me telling myself to suck it up and keep moving. Like that point in a … Continue reading

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A new term I have coined to describe one of the facets of ADHD. Loosely translated, it means: Meaningless talk or activity that draws attention away from the act of concentrating on something. Used in a sentence: Homework time at our house is … Continue reading

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The Guilty Parent

I’m not going to take the 5th on this one although I probably should. I’ll admit it. I am guilty. Shame-faced. Culpable. I am the mom who never attends class parties. I am the mom whose kids get dropped off … Continue reading

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Quick Quote for 10/29/13

“It came to him that he didn’t like holidays. . . . They bore down on you. Each one always ended up feeling like an exam . . .” ― Lily King, The English Teacher

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Once upon a time there was a boy. He doesn’t feel like other boys. His mind whirls and whizzes and buzzes. His body fidgets and needs to move most of the time. The boy is spastic energetic. The boy’s teachers … Continue reading

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