Make a Ripple

She Persisted.

And so becomes the battle cry. And it certainly does feel like we are in a battle. A battle for our children and our children’s children. A battle for their eventual partners and spouses. A battle for our neighbors and a battle for those who don’t have the means or strength to battle themselves. A battle for our ancestors. A battle for our country.

These last 3 weeks have been painful. Painful to watch. Painful to explain to my children. Painful to realize that people you know have biases and prejudices and (sometimes) a blind willingness to only see an issue as black or white and seemingly ignore the grey in-betweens.

These last 3 weeks have also been enlightening. Enlightening to see so many people stand up for what is right. Enlightening to see that so many people are not concerned with “What’s In It For Me?”, but instead focused on what our duties are to to those less fortunate (whether from within our country or without).

These last 3 weeks have highlighted that it is not enough to sit back and let our politicians speak for us. We MUST be active and vocal. Or things go all to hell in a hand basket like they are now.

We are all to blame. For being complacent. For ignoring what we learned in political science class. For assuming that our voices and wishes aren’t enough to make a ripple in this political pond.

Because all it takes is a single voice, backed with enough strength and willpower, to create a disturbance. To shift the wave. To Make A Difference.




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