Increasing Engagement with Easter Eggs?

So this morning MVP extraordinaire and BBQForce Founder Dale Ziegler and I were bemoaning the fact that sometimes users are just not at all engaged. No matter how we, as admins, try to make things easy for them!

So I suggested to Dale that he place some Easter Eggs in his system, then reward users who ‘find’ those Easter Eggs.eastereggs

Easter Eggs? What in the world am I talking about?

It’s a very common concept in the video game world – something hidden, not on the books, that is there for the curious and observant to find. There are Easter Eggs in movies too – Pixar is famous for it!

Probably my favorite reference to Easter Ereadyplayeroneggs is in the book, Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline. It is one of my all-time favorite books – full of 80’s trivia, music references and vintage video games. It’s all about the ultimate Easter Egg hunt within a virtual world! And as a bonus, the audiobook version is narrated by the iconic Wil Wheaton!

In our Org we have 1 Easter Egg. It’s been noticed by a couple of people, and their response tells us how well they know pop culture! It’s a pretty simple one. When we implemented FinancialForce PSA, we needed to bring in historical timecards for projects to ensure we had accurate reporting. This was easy for timecards of users in our current system, but for employees who had departed the company, I didn’t want to create a user record for them simply to load historical timecard entries. So we created a user by the name of Inigo Montoya and loaded all the historic timecards against that user. Cracks me up when someone sends me a chat message and asks, ‘Who is Inigo Montoya?’ – I always have to send back this image:

inigo montoya

I’ve been wanting to add others – here are a few ideas I have:

  • Create a formula field on an object you suspect people aren’t ‘really’ looking at the records. Make it a text field that says: “Send an email with the subject Found it! to your Salesforce Admin” Then you could have a special Sleuth badge to give to those folks to acknowledge they are actual reading the records!
  • Create a Custom Link to add to the Report Links section that just says ‘Click Me’ – link it to this website: (everyone needs an emergency compliment every now and then!) Sit back and see who notices!
  • Add some different/funny text to some of your email templates. See who is really reading them by requesting a specific action if they’ve read the message!

Do you have any Easter Eggs in your org?

What other ideas do you have to see who is actually engaged?

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