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Mama said there’ll be days like this…

Is it just me or was it Monday today?

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DJ Kool and his Quirk

So the youngest has developed a bit of a quirk. Not sure if it is medicine related or perpetual allergies but he does this gulping sound a lot, not quite clearing his throat but almost. His pediatrician doesn’t seem concerned… … Continue reading

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Can A Girl Just Shop In Peace??

True story, visited a little kitchen store the other day. It’s a neat little store with unique items in a nearby small town on the square surrounded by boutiques. I just wanted to browse, get some ideas for Father’s Day, … Continue reading

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A new term I have coined to describe one of the facets of ADHD. Loosely translated, it means: Meaningless talk or activity that draws attention away from the act of concentrating on something. Used in a sentence: Homework time at our house is … Continue reading

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The Guilty Parent

I’m not going to take the 5th on this one although I probably should. I’ll admit it. I am guilty. Shame-faced. Culpable. I am the mom who never attends class parties. I am the mom whose kids get dropped off … Continue reading

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