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When spending 5 hours painting theatre backdrops, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT squat the entire time. You are too old for that and you will pay for it for DAYS!

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Living the Dream…

With my little Drama-Tween so interested in acting and theatre, I have been following blogs of acting students, beginning actors, seasoned actors and the like, hoping to glean whatever I can to help my daughter in her endeavor. Joanne’s blog … Continue reading

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Sometimes All You Can Say Is…

…you’re right! It kinda Sucks. But it could be worse! Drama Tween found out today that she is an understudy in the school musical. She had a moment of upset, but in the fashion of a true actress, has already … Continue reading

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“You’re My Mom, You’re Supposed To Say That!” – Drama Tween

So, of course I’m in this middle of this 3-part series on the ABC’s of surviving the holiday breaks with the kiddos, when my fingers are itching to post about something else entirely! That’s about the way of things, isn’t … Continue reading

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