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Why Voting YES for the GISD Bond is KEY to Me!

No community can be great and have subpar schools. It is a mathematical impossibility. Public services (police, fire, roads) and the school system are the backbone of a great community. If you show me a “not so great” community, you … Continue reading

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Sink or Swim or Get Out of the Water

As a child were you ever thrown into a pool before you knew how to swim? The theory being that your ‘instinct’ would kick in and you’d just ‘figure it all out’. It usually ended in one of three ways: … Continue reading

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Imagine a world where before you leave work for the day your boss gives you a list of the things you did wrong. You have to take that list home and show it to your loved ones, then have them … Continue reading

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Once upon a time there was a boy. He doesn’t feel like other boys. His mind whirls and whizzes and buzzes. His body fidgets and needs to move most of the time. The boy is spastic energetic. The boy’s teachers … Continue reading

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On Being A Parent

Now that all three of my kids are in school, I realize how much easier it was when they were little. Sure, there were diapers and crying tantrums and the like, but that mainly affected me and dear hubs. Now … Continue reading

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