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Can A Girl Just Shop In Peace??

True story, visited a little kitchen store the other day. It’s a neat little store with unique items in a nearby small town on the square surrounded by boutiques. I just wanted to browse, get some ideas for Father’s Day, … Continue reading

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A new term I have coined to describe one of the facets of ADHD. Loosely translated, it means: Meaningless talk or activity that draws attention away from the act of concentrating on something. Used in a sentence: Homework time at our house is … Continue reading

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Facepalm Moment of the Day

The moment when your almost 12 year old posts a picture of herself from kindergarten on Instagram and jokes “That’s my sexy face!” Oye!

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Quick Quote for 3/26/13

‘It is what it is unless you get up off of your ass and do something about it, then it is what it wasn’t’ (or it was what it isn’t, or wasn’t what it should have been, or isn’t what … Continue reading

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Ahhh bedtime! Sometimes it goes smoothly, most times it does not! TMan has a hard time falling asleep most nights. He has decided to try a new tactic…last night about 30 minutes after sending him to bed he came padding … Continue reading

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