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Circus Act, Juggling and My Monkeys

Organized Chaos? Maybe. I’d actually describe my life as a never-ending circus act! Step right up Ladies and Gentlemen, Time Lords and Daleks, children of ALL Ages….your eyes do not deceive you! That is right, this amazing, spectacular performance is a … Continue reading

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When spending 5 hours painting theatre backdrops, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT squat the entire time. You are too old for that and you will pay for it for DAYS!

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Nothing but an expanse of white. The possibilities abound. Shut the world out with music or an audiobook. Pick the tubes of color that speak to me. And….paint! It has become a need. A cathartic addiction. I’m slowly running out … Continue reading

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Living the Dream…

With my little Drama-Tween so interested in acting and theatre, I have been following blogs of acting students, beginning actors, seasoned actors and the like, hoping to glean whatever I can to help my daughter in her endeavor. Joanne’s blog … Continue reading

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The Blahs…

I’ve got ’em. In a BIG way. Maybe it’s the time of year. The rush of the holiday season is over, it’s cold most days and I don’t function well in cold weather, and the most sun I get during … Continue reading

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