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Count the Ways

So on Twitter, the Salesforce twitter account put forth the question: How has Salesforce changed your life for good? As I’ve read the responses over the past few days I’ve thought over how to best answer the question. There are … Continue reading

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Shared Passion Ignites

I haven’t always had the same views politically as I do now. I grew up in a small town (under 10K people) in Texas and can confirm that locale matters when it comes to public opinion and forming of political … Continue reading

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An open letter to Marc Benioff and Parker Harris.

Thank you. Such a simple phrase. These two little words are completely inadequate to convey the emotions they are bursting with when uttered by a member of the Salesforce Ohana. In 1999 you set out to build a company. A … Continue reading

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Creating a PTO Tracking System

Contrary to what it might look like from my last few blog posts, the past few months have not been completely wrapped up in Tornado Survivor Mode! It has been a busy few months at work as well. We acquired … Continue reading

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Re-Creating (linkable) Record Name Fields for Custom Use

Requirement: Standardize Opportunity Naming convention using a concatenation of Account Code plus Opportunity Number plus ‘Custom Opp Name’. This will standardize naming conventions across all corporate tools and assist in document searching. Example: Account: ABC Genius Tech Consulting Account Code: … Continue reading

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