Summer Begins. I’m Exhausted Already.

6:30am – eyes open, look at clock. Why am I awake this freaking early when I don’t have to wake up any kids or get anyone to school or practice this early? Pulls blanket over head and attempts to sleep some more.

7:15am – hears a door slam, feet patter down the stairs as the 11 year old makes his appearance. Try to sleep through the cacophony of sounds downstairs. He lets the dogs outside, roots through the pantry, pours cereal, laughs uproariously at a YouTube Video, let’s the dogs in, slams freezer door while getting out the pizza rolls, microwaves pizza rolls (slamming the microwave door), lets the dogs back inside, rinse, lather, repeat.

7:45am – finally give up trying to sleep, head downstairs for coffee, dole out morning medicine, nag 11 year old to clean up the unholy mess he’s got on the kitchen table.

8am – wake up 14 year old who has gymnastics practice in an hour. Make him sit up to take his meds and threaten him not to go back to sleep. Hold firm on the ‘No’ as he begs to be taken to Chick-Fil-A for breakfast on the way to gymnastics. Point out appropriate workout attire and the importance of deodorant as I continue the countdown of when we need to leave the house.

Open up laptop, check email, respond to critical emails, sign in to Salesforce, check Support Cases and triage as necessary. Review Chatter feed to see what users are up to. Yell upstairs to remind 14 year old to be ready in 15 minutes and that he needs to eat and put on deodorant (this cannot be repeated enough) before we go!

8:35am – head to the car to take son to summer gymnastics practice. He has to go back into the house twice for things he forgot before we even pull away.

This 20 minutes of driving in the morning with just he and I in the car is actually one of my favorite times. He’s relatively talkative and we will have some great conversations. Sometimes we listen to morning news podcasts and talk about events and politics. If you can find a time with your teenage son like this (even if you have to trap him in a car with you) do it!

9:20am – back at the house and sitting down at the laptop. 11 year old has promised he’ll work on cleaning up his room as he watched YouTube videos (yeah, right) so he is upstairs. 18 year old won’t be heard from or seen for several more hours!

Ok, sitting down at the desk to get some work done. Check email, reply as needed, triage Support tickets again, check the support Slack channels. Remember that I needed to pay a bill, log on to get that taken care of, check personal email and Salesforce Community email. Log into Trailblazer Community to answer message from a user asking about a Webinar I did, scan community groups and answer a few questions. Reply to a personal email. Open up Jama to see what is on the priorities list. We are testing an upgrade of several apps in our sandbox and I need to work through this – we are a few releases behind and trying to get caught up which means going through several sets of release notes to identify what is new and what I need to do to implement all the new features.

10am – Distracted by the loud cackling coming from upstairs. 11 year old is obviously working hard on his room. (ha ha) Get up to let the dogs out, gaze upon the filthy swimming pool and sigh. Was relying on someone to get this taken care of, but am tired of waiting on them. Head back to my computer to google pool services and put in a request. Get a call within about 5 minutes so spend the next 10 describing the pool, the services I need and talking about price. Finally get service scheduled and feel some relief – while it will ultimately cost me some dough, I’ve taken the reigns and know it will be in swim-shape for me and the kids soon.

Back to the computer. After going through the usual email/cases/slack routine, get to work on documenting the steps I need to take to implement a particular new feature in the sandbox. Will have to replicate it when we upgrade production so want to be sure I have everything down correctly. Work heads down until my alarm goes off. Gymnast has to be picked up at noon.

11:15am – head upstairs to remind 11 year old he is supposed to be cleaning, tell him I can actually see his brains leaking out of his ear from those YouTube videos. Yes, I know what you are thinking…you are thinking, how long has this kid been watching this morning? Yep – you can look back at the timeline. He has been watching entirely too long. But it is the second day of the first week of summer. And his constant laughter and giggles are really enjoyable to hear across the house. So yes, I feel slightly guilty letting him binge. But he’s a kid and it’s summer and I’ve got work to do. So judge me for that. I’m cool with it.

Head out to pick up the gymnast. Put on a podcast to listen to on the way. Sometimes this is relaxing, sometimes it is infuriating – depends on whether it is a political podcast or not. Lol. Park at the school and see a slack message from my boss. Spend the next 15 minutes on the phone with him to help him triage a few cases he’s not sure how to handle. Boy comes out, begs for fast food (I stay strong – we have food at home, we aren’t made of money, yada yada). Head back home.

12:30pm – Back at the house. Remember to add tortillas, hamburger buns and double A batteries to the grocery list. Tell the kids to feed themselves and rattle off from memory all of the available food in the house they are capable of making including instructions (where needed) and locations of the items. Reach into the gross water to drain the sink where dishes have been ‘soaking’ for way too long. Vow to get in there later to scrub everything.

Back to the computer. Email/cases/slack routine again, responding and triage-ing as necessary. Trying to pick up from where I left off. Brain is mush. Hungry. Bombarded by sounds of YouTube, Minecraft, Music, food packages, microwave and dogs playing. Remember I need to add the summer gymnastics practices to the family calendar, and pop a check in the mail to the lawn guys.

Today reminds me of this Comic about the Mental Load on women. It’s real y’all.

We are two days into summer.

I am halfway through the second day.

Need more coffee.

Also need a meditation room.

And maybe a margarita.

I’m exhausted already!

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Mom. Salesforce Architect. Runner. Artist. Writer. I am a Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame member. For more information on the Salesforce MVP community, visit: . Salesforce, Force,, Chatter, and others are trademarks of, inc. and are used here with permission.
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