‘Twas the Night Before…

As I lay me down to sleep tonight, I wonder where the time has gone. Tomorrow I have one heading off to High School, one riding the bus for the first time and starting middle school, and we celebrated the ‘baby’s’ 8th birthday today who starts 3rd grade tomorrow!

Lots of memories to be had, firsts and lasts alike!

As I lay me down tonight I wish for wonderful first days for each of them and their many friends who have become honorary family members as well! For my nieces and nephews who are growing up too fast I wish for wonderful days and lots of photos posted for me to see!

when they were little

Time slips away too fast these days, seems like just yesterday They were each in diapers and I was hoping for a full night’s sleep. Now I lay awake hoping I have remembered everything that needs doing and praying they continue to flourish.

‘Twas the Night Before the First Day of School and all through the house was a momma worrying, a daddy sleeping, a daughter stressing over outfits, a son who can’t sleep and another wiped out from his birthday party!

Wishing mine and yours a wonderful school year! Cherish the moments as they come!

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