Circus Act, Juggling and My Monkeys

Organized Chaos? Maybe.

I’d actually describe my life as a never-ending circus act!

Step right up Ladies and Gentlemen, Time Lords and Daleks, children of ALL Ages….your eyes do not deceive you! That is right, this amazing, spectacular performance is a 24-7 experience in which ONE woman triplicates herself across 3 action-packed rings where she tames wild animals, juggles multiple priorities and performs insane acts of contortion!

flying monkeyIn Ring Number 1, this mom is nagging at her 3 crazy monkeys to do homework and chores. She’s car-pooling the Eldest to ukulele lessons and theatre rehearsals while planning teacher appreciation activities for the elementary PTA and sewing costumes for an upcoming play. She’s working with the pediatrician to adjust ADHD med dosages, scheduling school meetings to address executive function concerns for the Middleton, and trying (but failing) to get the Youngest to stop peeing all over the toilet seat!

In Ring Number 2,  this Sr. Salesforce Admin is onboarding her 50th new user this year while training a new team member. She’s juggling support tickets and report requests from 300+ users, building custom objects to report on Revenue targets vs. Actual Revenues by month for the executive team and setting up a connection to a new Sales Tax application in the sandbox for testing. She’s tweeting and engaging in the Success Community and bookmarking everything she wants to try ‘someday’ when she gets time. She’s embarking on a journey to learn how to code and spending time in her dev sandbox trying things out.

In Ring Number 3, this woman is wondering how in the world she is turning 40 this year! She’s painting walls and cabinets in her new home and learning how to take care of a pool. She’s wanting to start an exercise program and take better care of her skin. She’s lucky to have a husband who cooks and wants to start cooking/eating healthier with him. She has multiple canvases in various stages of painting, numerous half-finished crochet projects and all the tools ready to learn how to make stained glass projects. She wants to travel and have date nights with her husband and hang with friends. She has SO many items on the wishlist, that it’s hard to decide what to do next!

circus1Watching this show you will laugh, you will cry, you will shriek in terror! Audience participation is a requirement so be prepared!

What feats of wonder are your specialties?

Do you ever feel like you are living in a circus?

About Nana

Mom. Salesforce Architect. Runner. Artist. Writer. I am a Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame member. For more information on the Salesforce MVP community, visit: . Salesforce, Force,, Chatter, and others are trademarks of, inc. and are used here with permission.
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