A Day in the Not-So-Glamorous Life of ME!

A while back I wrote about that question I find SO hard to answer in So, what do you do?

I thought it might be fun to chronicle a day in the life. So we will take on yesterday, a typical Tuesday…<insert Wayne’s World Dream Sequence sound effects here>

I am, admittedly, not a morning person. I see no reason to rise with the sun, so waking up is not a fun experience. Luckily, I have a husband who is most decidedly a morning person. So on Tuesday, but the time I drag my weary patootie out of bed around 6:30-ish, the hubs has already gotten the boys up, woken up the tween (also not a morning person), made lunches, signed school folders and packed backpacks.

I stumble to the coffee maker and glare at it until the liquid gold fills my cup. Hubs heads out to work and I referee fights and skirmishes between the boys while frantically getting myself ready. I bundle the boys out the door around 7:05 to run them to the neighborhood daycare, where they will bond with friends and ride the bus to the elementary.

Back home to finish getting ready and cattle prod the tween. I typically spend a little while, scanning email, checking my calendar and prepping for the day. Leave the house at 7:50 with tween, heading to the local java hut so she can get a frappacino and I can refuel my habit. Her middle school doesn’t start until almost 9, so I try to drop her off around 8:15 for her own social time and/or tutorials (usually the latter)!

Time for the commute in to work. As the crow flies, we live about 17 miles from where I work. Depending on traffic the drive usually takes between 35-40 minutes due to the myriad of stop lights and school zones. The drive isn’t so bad, I have my coffee in hand and am always listening to an audiobook. I am obsessed with audiobook – not sure if it is laziness or an amazing ability to multitask! 🙂 Nevertheless, I’m in the office by 9am.

The morning is pretty packed, first up, meeting with my boss and the CEO to talk Sales Reports & Dashboards. The goal is to ensure that the dashboards reflect the information the CEO wants the teams to focus on this year. Brainstormed some of the elements then scheduled a continuation later in the date. Next up is a meeting with my boss and a potential Consulting Partner. Since I am still working on my development skills we need a resource to help with some heavier dev work. We are still flushing out our needs, but the meeting went well and gave us a better idea of our options.

Now back to my desk to catch up on emails, support tickets and requirements. I respond and close a few tickets (browser incompatibility with a visualforce page and permission change requests), then tackle the to-dos.

Our Salesforce Org is relatively complex with the FinancialForce PSA app as well as FinancialForce Accounting and Revenue Management apps added on to the standard CRM. User licensing, permissioning and setup are pretty complex. Since it is the beginning of the year, I am getting lots of manager changes, title changes, utilization target changes and the like. So I knocked out a handful of changes over the next hour. In addition to making the user changes, I’ve also posted to our internal chatter the daily hashtag post – it’s #TipTuesday! I try to kick it off in the morning and engage with posters as they comment and add their own #TipTuesday posts. We are trying to boost our Community engagement and so far this has been successful!

During the above activities, I respond to several emails, and answer some questions that come up via Chat. I’ve typically got the Salesforce Success Community open in another browser so I scroll through occasionally lest I miss something!

Run down to the building’s cafe for a very unhealthy lunch of French Fries with Cheese (yummo!) and head outside to enjoy it since we are enjoying 70 degree temps in Dallas! (not to worry, will swing back down without warning any day now!)

Listen to my audiobook, scarf my lunch and respond to some additional emails that have come in. We are also in the process of buying a house so my agent, mortgage broker and I are exchanging emails back and forth about inspections and appraisals so there are few I need to address. I also got word that my PTA (I’m the VP this year) has received a donation of 6 large metal trashcans for our recycling program so I do some searching for painting ideas for the cans – super stoked about this project!  Head back into the office after about 30 minutes in the sun.

Back in the office I have an email with a pressing need for the Finance team, so I shuffle my to-dos so I can add two new Accounting Currencies for intercompany transfers between 3 of our Companies. Since I don’t just ‘know’ how to do this, I research the proper procedure and get it taken care of. A quick hop into the Success Community again to answer questions (if I can) and soak up the knowledge of others.

By now it is 2pm and my boss and I have a meeting with our HR head to look at her recruiting software, discuss her reporting needs and talk about ways to get to the end goal. Leave the meeting with a list of reports, analytic snapshots and dataloads to work on.

Back to my desk, check emails & tickets, then make a quick call to the pediatricians office to refill T-Man’s meds. Call to schedule an appointment with a home insurance agent and then settle in to work on the CEO’s dashboard.

At 4pm, circle back up with CEO and my boss to continue dashboard/report changes and discussion. Finally wrap it up just after 6pm!

Check emails on the way down the elevator and hop in the car! I call my husband to talk about a few of the house purchasing items. Instead of home, I’m heading to a dinner-meeting. The 8th grade dance parent committee is meeting to talk venue, decorations, fund-raising and dress codes! It’s a good chance to get to know some of the other parents and kinda confirmed to me that I am sometimes socially awkward! 🙂

Finally get home just before 9pm. Say goodnight to hubs and the boys who have already hit the hay. I move the laundry and pick up the living room, then finally sit down for a bit. I look at my kids’ school folders to make sure I don’t miss anything and talk to my daughter about her day. Another review of emails, digitally sign some house papers, scan the incoming support tickets in case there is something pressing, a little twitter surfing, a little facebook surfing and some instagram stalking of my daughters account (have to keep her on her toes) while I listen to my audiobook.

Finally wind down enough by about 11:15, rotate laundry one more time and head up to bed. I set my FitBit to log sleep, turn on my audible sleep timer to 15 minutes and settle in. Most nights I’m asleep before the timer is up on my audiobook!

This day in the life is not necessarily reflective of every Tuesday. I don’t always have meetings during the day, and the parent meetings vary. But my days are always a juggling act. There is always something to do…or shall I say there is always something that needs doing. We get to choose what we do and what we don’t do.

My days are usually busy and sometimes chaotic, but I’m doing what I love. What does a day in your world look like?

About Nana

Mom. Salesforce Architect. Runner. Artist. Writer. I am a Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame member. For more information on the Salesforce MVP community, visit: http://www.salesforce.com/mvp/ . Salesforce, Force, Force.com, Chatter, and others are trademarks of salesforce.com, inc. and are used here with permission.
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