Can A Girl Just Shop In Peace??

True story, visited a little kitchen store the other day. It’s a neat little store with unique items in a nearby small town on the square surrounded by boutiques. I just wanted to browse, get some ideas for Father’s Day, look at the wares.

But the minute I came through the door:


  • Salesperson: ‘Is there anything I can help you with?’
  • Me: ‘Just browsing, thanks.’
  • Salesperson: ‘Have you ever been here before?’
  • Me: ‘I have, thanks.’ looking around trying to decide which shelves to browse first
  • Salesperson: ‘Have you seen our xyz?’
  • Me: ‘I sure have.’ easing in the other direction (totally lying here, but I really just want to browse)
  • Salesperson: ‘Well we got in some new…blah blah blah’ as she leads me through the store..

At this point I am struggling. Am I rude and repeat that I just want to browse and will let her know if I need anything?

Yes, you might say, that’s the right, polite thing to do! And surely not rude!

But I’ll be honest, I don’t think she has stopped talking since the bell on the door stopped ringing. To even get a word in edgewise, I’d have to cut her off mid-sentence and super-friendly salesperson would surely be taken aback! And I’m quite certain if I just wandered off in the other direction she would follow me pointing out things along the way. Ugh.

Or do I go look at what she wants to show me and inevitably encourage the behavior which would result in getting sucked into the vortex of the well-meaning salesperson?

For crying out loud all I wanted to do was look around. Quietly. Where I could read the labels of spices and things and contemplate how that tablecloth might look with my decor! Now I can’t even think and my mind is screaming: Leave! Run! Get the heck outta here before she tries to show you something else!

I bought the next thing she showed me that was reasonably priced and hightailed it outta there. Still wonder what goodies I might have missed on the shelves, but am too afraid to go back.

What would you have done?

Do you prefer to be left alone to shop, to be ‘helped’ by a salesperson, or does it vary?

Should I brave another visit?


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