The Guilty Parent

I’m not going to take the 5th on this one although I probably should.

I’ll admit it.

I am guilty. Shame-faced. Culpable.

I am the mom who never attends class parties. I am the mom whose kids get dropped off and picked up from school by the daycare bus. I am the mom who has to say no to after school tutorials because they would miss their ride. I am the mom who forgets to sign folders. I am the mom who sometimes doesn’t look at the folder until late Sunday night and then finds out with a panic about the project that was supposed to be done over the weekend or the bag of pretzels they need the very next day. I am the mom who forgets to order the yearbook or send in the form for school pictures.

I am guilty.

I am the mom who volunteers for the PTA and feeds the kids microwaved corndogs on meeting nights. I am the mom who has to leave work early to pick up her daughter on theatre rehearsal days and make up the time at night after the kids are in bed. I am the mom who volunteers to paint sets, make costumes, and organize the school carnival on her ‘off time’. I am the mom who takes conference calls on the way to take her child to dance or the doctor. I am the mom who is on a first name basis with her kids’ teachers.

I am guilty.

I let the laundry pile up. I don’t always enforce a daily shower if they don’t smell yet. I sometimes turn on the TV or hand over the video games as a babysitter while I get something done. When my first grader’s homework is to read the little book 3 times, I give him a pass after 1 read-through if he didn’t stumble over the words the first time. I run out to the store just to get some “me” time. I hide candy so I don’t have to share. I stay up long after everyone goes to bed to paint or crochet or just have an adult beverage in peace.

I am guilty.

I am guilty of all these things and more. I am guilty of feeling guilty. I am guilty of having an awesome husband who does way more than most husbands out there!

I’ve had people ask how I can do it all? Work full-time, manage the kids and family, volunteer, and still find time to paint or crochet or the like.

I think to myself…how could I not?

If I didn’t I’d feel guilty…


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2 Responses to The Guilty Parent

  1. jan says:

    You are a wonderful Mom .. and you’ve learned to be the best you can, which isn’t perfect. There was only one perfect person, so it’s not a realistic goal. You are absolutely right .. the biggest thing moms need to quit is feeling guilty!
    Great words!
    Hugs and love,


    • Nana says:

      Aww thanks Jan! You are so right! Guilt is something so hard to overcome…but I figure life is short…does it really matter if my baseboards are dusty? Or if the dishes sit in the sink ‘soaking’? Nah!!!
      Hugs right back!!


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