Imagine a world where before you leave work for the day your boss gives you a list of the things you did card

You have to take that list home and show it to your loved ones, then have them initial the list so you can bring it back to your boss the next day.

Some days, the list has one or two items. Infractions you’ve incurred, things you did or said wrong. Some days you get a smiley face instead. This means they didn’t catch you doing anything wrong.

Rarely (if ever) do you go home with a list of the things you accomplished or did well. Only the wrong ones.

Think about that for a minute.

As an adult, how would you feel if this was your daily routine? What do you think that would do to your internal sense of accomplishment? Do you think your confidence would be affected?

Now, think about your 6 year old.

Think about that folder they bring home from school each day with either a stamp or a color or a number representing the classroom rule they happened to break that day.Behavior Log

What is our goal here?

To build them up or break them down?

Because I’m confused.

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