Once upon a time there was a boy.

He doesn’t feel like other boys. His mind whirls and whizzes and buzzes. His body fidgets and needs to move most of the time.

The boy is spastic energetic.

The boy’s teachers think he should sit still and focus and make eye contact. But the boy is listening and hearing underneath all that movement. He is processing everything at a different pace than most.

The boy is inattentive perceptive.

He craves a challenge and thirsts for knowledge and gets bored easily. Boredom leads to daydreams and daydreams lead to ideas and ideas cause excitement and rev the brain up even more.

The boy is spacey imaginative.

He learns best when stimulated mentally and physically. Nothing is worse torture for him than being forced to sit still and work on something he perceives as unnecessary.

The boy is lazy focused.

He has a strong sense of justice and ‘fairness’ and doesn’t understand why others don’t see things the way he does.

The boy is stubborn virtuous.

Because of this strong sense of justice the boy can be emotional. When he thinks he or a friend has been wronged, he expects others to be just as appalled as he. When they aren’t, he feels hurt and sometimes cries.

The boy is oversensitive empathetic.

There are lots of adjectives that could be used to describe the boy.

Adjectives become the mirrors with which children see themselves.

Which mirror do you want them to see every day?

Positive Mirror Negative Mirror

About Nana

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2 Responses to Mirrors

  1. madmoojuice says:

    Hey Nana,
    I love your insight in the world of ADHD and people’s perception. I’ve grown up my whole life with the mirror of bad words either called to me, implied or felt their implication. People don’t take the time to evaluate people or situations to make the best situational assessments and, as a result, we, the affected, are often thrown into a pot full of misnomers and failed judgements. In the end, we are left lo deal with their criticism and the new obstacles that they have placed in our paths. For many, this leads to withdrawing from society, avoiding interactions, fear of making decisions, procrastination, and a wide array of other negative personality traits which can, and often do, effect for the rest of their life.


    • Nana says:

      Thanks! I totally agree. Even as adults we are affected. Kids’ personalities are formed from how they are treated by others. I think oftentimes we forget this – I know as a parent I have to remind myself to choose my words wisely when reacting to my children! I appreciate the read and love your insight!


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