Ability to climb a tree…or sit still…or be ‘perfect’…

EinsteinI love this quote from Albert Einstein. It serves as a reminder in a world where expectations aren’t always set so that everyone has a chance of meeting them.

I have to remind myself of this when dealing with my children. Ask myself the question, “Is the behavior/reaction/result I am asking of this child something they are able to meet?”

Too often I forget to ask myself, then we both end up frustrated and upset.

It’s not a case of lowering the expectations, but changing them to fit the child.

In this cookie cutter world, I fear too many kids go through the school system as pegs being shoved into round holes. Many kids fit fine. Others never quite fit. Little slivers of their characters are dented, damaged and shaved off the harder we try to shove them into that little hole.

It’s time to reevaluate our expectations and adjust. Parent, teach, reward and punish based on ability, rather than based on an ‘ideal’. Give them the chance to succeed, rather than set them up for failure.

Don’t let them end up feeling stupid like that fish….

What expectations do you need to take a look at and revise? Maybe your own expectations for yourself need to be adjusted?

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