Where is that #$?!# Umbrella????

You know the old cliche…”When it Rains it Pours”?


Well this week I need an Arc!

Highlights of the week include:

  • A certified letter from a bank telling us our landlords are being foreclosed on. Lovely. Landlord denies we need to worry and won’t let us out of our lease. Lovely. Unsettling to have to worry about the stability of your home because someone else can’t keep their crap together.
  • Drama Tween is still ‘forgetting’ to turn in work at school. After months of talking about it it, advice, emailing teachers and stressing about grades, I finally grounded her from her phone in the evenings. I am, at this moment, Momzilla in her eyes – mean and bent on destroying her life!
  • To top that, Drama Tween comes in Wednesday night at 9pm talking about her PE project (first we’ve heard of it) that is due Friday morning. A project they were given “like 4 months ago”. Nice…guess what I spent Thursday night working on with her?
  • My phone rang yesterday around 4pm. (I really need to replace the regular ring-tone for something menacing when the school calls to mentally prepare myself.) Yup, it was the kindergarten teacher on the line. M refused to work. Took several hours to write 3 sentences. “It’s always difficult with him but today was worse.” *facepalm*
  • Did I mention the critters in the attic? From the sounds of it they are either throwing Raves or making babies or both! UGH!
  • And let’s not forget TMan – he’s doing great at school – YAY! But DH picked him up from daycare this week and they told him TMan got caught in the far corner of the playground peeing! Poor guy – he waits absolutely too long and often has accidents. I guess he decided that it was better to risk peeing outside than to have an accident on the way to the bathroom! <shakes head>

So here we are on Friday and I am tired and drenched!

On the plus side, someone arranged a masseuse to come into the office and I am paying $1 a minute for a chair massage this afternoon!

Maybe the rain will stop…or I’ll find that #$?!# umbrella!!

What do you do when the rain just continues to fall???


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