A is for… (part 2)

In honor of surviving the break, the holidays, the ‘quality’ family time, and in celebration of school starting up and getting back to a new normal again, I’ve put together my ABC list of way to make it through.

You can read the first part of this list here.


We’ll pick up at the letter I:

I – Invest in some ‘Me’ time! The holidays are stressful – try to gauge when you are reaching that point and take a little time for yourself before you blow a gasket! It could be going out on the back porch to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee while they bang on the back door hollering your name through the glass, it could be some headphones blasting your favorite hair band (yes, I’m dating myself) while you move laundry. Just acknowledge that the break is needed and do it – an easy quick attitude boost!

J – Join the masses. Go to the city sponsored holiday events, hit the museum on the holiday weekend, even just walk the mall…this one is hard for me, I do NOT like crowds. They stress me out, which in turn stresses the kids out. But they have a blast just watching and wondering over all the people and things going on, and if you have a clear escape plan (think food), you can extricate pretty easily!

K – Kick ’em out! Make them play outside! That electronic device will be there when they get back inside! Better yet, go outside and play with them! Run around the yard, do cartwheels, dig in the mud…it’s beena while since you did that!

L – Laugh! A Lot! Make an effort to be less serious. Stop being the fun-ruiner (as I may or may not be called at home)!

M – Make things together. A Meal, a Lego car/plane/robot, a piece of jewelry, an artistic masterpiece. Doesn’t matter what it is – get on Pinterest and search for easy crafts and you’ll find a ton of ideas! Again, the kids will eat up any time you spend doing things with them, instead of doing your own thing next to them!

N – NAP! I know, the kids don’t wanna nap. But mom needs a nap. Dad needs a nap. Who cares if there is stuff to do, a nap just sounds heavenly, doesn’t it? Work it out with your spouse – he gets to nap right after lunch and you can nap once he wakes up – that way someone has an eye on the kids but you both get a breather. A nap makes mommy SO much happier!

O – Over it! Did a relative make you mad at a holiday gathering? Get over it. Did your tween just roll her eyes and huff off when you asked her to do something? Get over it. Let it BE! Not like you’ve never pissed someone off or rolled your eyes at your mother. Get over it and don’t let the little things ruin a nice holiday break!

P – Perform! This works well in our family. Put on some generational music (your generation) – you know – the ones where you know every song by heart? Turn the volume up – LOUD! And sing! LOUD! Dance around! You can do this while sweeping the floor, folding laundry or even playing with legos. Let your hair down. It’s fun, it’s exercise, and the kids love seeing you be goofy! It also gives them an appreciation for different types of music than their own. And if they run to their room and shut the door, let ’em. More room for you to dance!

We’ve made it through the middle of the alphabet – the really hard letters are still to come! Stay tuned for the finale!

Anybody have any different suggestions for letters I through P? I would love to hear how you survive!

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