Grumble, Grumble Grumble, GRIPE!

UPDATE: 2/19/13 – just reviewing this post and noticed that the site I linked to below has been taken down! YAY!


This is EXACTLY what parents of children with invisible disorders are subject to on a daily basis.

I was researching blogs tagged with ADHD and came across this blog post. It appears to be a regurgitation of the ‘definition’ of ADHD from the CDC website…

EXCEPT for the addition of the first paragraph. You’ll love this. It says:

“I run into parents a lot that claim their child has ADHD.  Often times I think they use that as an excuse for bad behavior, that somehow giving the bad behavior a label justifies it.”

When I commented on the post, the author just obviously doesn’t get why this paragraph is offensive.

What do you think? Offensive or not?

I, for one, will  not be shopping at the website they are obviously associated with.

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2 Responses to Grumble, Grumble Grumble, GRIPE!

  1. Art Ritchie says:

    Hello Nana! In reference to this being offensive or not, I would tend to side with you on the basis of them say they see this “a lot” or that they “often times” think it is an excuse. It feels as if they are implying that ADHD is being used as an excuse for bad behavior in the majority of children. As if they are saying that adults aren’t sufficiently parenting their children and just playing the “oh they have ADHD, ADD, etc” card. Of course, I’m sure we have all seen those parents who allow their children to run all hey nilly and wreak havoc on their surroundings while they stand back and simply say “Oh, he/she just has ADHD”. As with any group of people, there will be those who act inappropriately, but that doesn’t mean we all have to be labeled as such! My son has ADHD and, as much as I can tell with him being 1500 miles away, he is helped with the proper medication and assistance from his teaching staff. He’s not simply allowed to run the roost just because he has ADHD.


    • Nana says:

      Thanks Art – I know there are certainly people who do use ‘excuses’ for their children’s behavior, but that doesn’t mean everyone does it and it is frustrating that many people just ‘assume’ you are using an excuse when they hear ADHD. Too many people still don’t believe in it which is irritating. I think that’s why this post got to me…


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