Field Trips, Phone Calls and Drama

What an exciting and busy week it has been at our house!

TMan’s new meds are much better for his mood but not really helping much with his distract-ability or hyperactivity. It’s making for some interesting evenings with T stuttering at dinner because his mouth can’t keep up with his brain, lots of chanting and singing (with younger brother joining in) and lower grades and trouble at school. <Sigh>

On the plus side, the school received a donation of Dallas Mavericks tickets and invited all the top honor kids (24 in total) to ride the train to the game last night on a field trip and TMan got to go.

So let me get this straight. You guys at the school want to take my kid, the one whose medicine is wearing off before dinner, the one who is super impulsive and occasionally has accidents, across the metroplex on a train to a professional sporting event on a school night? Really? Did the chaperone’s sign up for this or is it some sort of punishment? LOL!

So TMan’s gifted and talented teacher said he would be her buddy and kept me updated throughout the evening. And guess what? Lo and behold, we figured out what works to get TMan to sit still in his seat….put him on the second to the last row in the American Airlines center!

Apparently TMan is scared of heights (who knew?) so when they got to their seats he sat nice and still! Wonder if they could strap his school desk to the top of a file cabinet or something…hehe!

I’m not Afraid of Heights!

Oooh….you know what’s my favorite?

My favorite is sitting at work and my cell phone vibrates. You know…just sitting there, working away on the computer, writing macros and doing some vlookups in your excel spreadsheet, and bzzzzz, the table rattles a bit. So you glance over to see who it is and the school name is blazoned across the screen. I know – it’s your favorite too. You can admit it here, no need to be shy!

Was it about TMan, you ask? Nope!
What about Bay? No, not Bay either…
Yup, you guessed it…1st ‘official’ phone call from Mitch’s teacher!

He’s had a rough week this week. For a 5 year old in kindergarten that means he’s gotten a lot of marks. Oh, and let’s not forget the visit to the office.

Granted, Mitch is a young kinder-kid, he’s also stubborn, and a comedian at heart. He thinks most things are hilarious and hasn’t figured out how to read the room and tell when it’s not cool to be funny! He’s also a boy and <gasp> immature!

On the bright side, academically he knows the work and is not struggling at all there…except when it comes to finishing tests and longer assignments…he either gets bored or distracted…hmmm….sounds suspiciously similar to the problems his big bro had in kindergarten….OY!

And to round out the trio, Miss Bay had a most excellent time this week. She got to be an extra in the advanced theatre class’s One-Act Play and really got her first dose of theatre life with long rehearsals, learning what it’s like backstage and onstage and she got to see a variety of shows (some good, some really bad). Her theatre teacher told me ‘She is REALLY expressive’ and praised her classwork.

So she will either learn to channel her inner drama queen or we’ll just see more of it…Woohoo! (guess which one I am hoping for?)

Ready for a bit of a break although the holidays always bring their own set of stressors to the table. Regardless, our quirky fam will make the most of the time and maybe this mom will find a day to sleep in!

As I think about Thanksgiving and giving thanks, my mind comes back to the book I am currently listening to on Audible, Winter of the World, by Ken Follett. It’s the second in a series and follows multiple families throughout World War II. The families are German, Russian, British and American and the author does a great job mixing fiction with actual events and you really get a sense of the the crisis the world was in at the time.

As I sit here and type this blog and think about the interwebs and communal correspondence and ‘social’ things, I am thankful to be able to use this forum to express my opinions and vents and rants and whatnot. Such a short time ago the world was a different place.

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