I am Switzerland…

To the guy who stated ‘I think ADHD is bull****’ on an acquaintance’s post:

You made me pause and reflect today. I was going to comment on someone’s post about her son being diagnosed ADHD.

But Yours was the first comment and it had triggered a series of negative posts about the ‘supposed‘ ailment.

Unless you: a) have a doctorate degree in pediatrics or psychology or the like, b) have done extensive research on the topic, c) have spent a few days (with and without meds) with my son or others with the ‘supposed‘ ailment, or d) live under a rock and just spew nonsense for no reason (which I highly suspect is the case), then STFU and let people do their own research and decide on things themselves without spreading untruths!

To my acquaintance: I’ve been there. I am there. I live there every day. I did a ton of research. I tried alternative therapies. I got a trusted doctor. I decided to try meds. I was amazed at the brilliance that was able to shine through. Has it been easy? No. Are meds the answer to everything or right for everyone? Certainly not. No, there isn’t a black and white test. There are many levels and layers to this ailment but as a parent the important thing is ensuring your children are equipped to make it in the world.

I am disgusted by the poison that promulgates across social media that has been spewed from obviously ignorant backwoods thinking.

I chose not to comment on the post directly. As my brother-in-law pointed out once, I am Switzerland. But even Switzerland has the right to publish an opinionated editorial without directly offending the parties involved!

That is all.

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1 Response to I am Switzerland…

  1. Maiasaura says:

    Awesome post. Thank you. Yes, I live it, too. Sigh.


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