Meow: Out with the Cats!

I just signed on for Facebook a few months ago. My sister was on and really liked it and several co-workers so I decided to see what the fuss was all about.  I had abandoned my myspace page months before – just tired of the ‘fluff’.

When I signed on I requested several people that were very close to be friends and over the next few weeks, received lots of ‘friend’ requests from acquiantences – people I know through my kids, or who were in another grade at school, etc. Not ‘friends’ per se, but I accepted the requests in an effort to stay up on what was going on and how everyone was doing.

Facebook has been a great place to stay in closer contact with family members and close High School friends and a great way to forge a deeper bond with co-workers.

But it has also highlighted the reasons why I was not close ‘friends’ with some people in the first place. The apps people take (and then post to their wall) that I immediately Hide (I don’t care what your stripper name should be, thank you). The pictures people post (do they realize that pics loaded to facebook become the property of facebook to use as they wish?)

But the thing that jumps out most are the status updates. I’m not talking about most of them – I love reading what everyone is up to, comment a lot on other’s updates – especially back and forth talking kids and work and mutually favorite TV shows or websites. I’m talking about the updates that say things like: “The guy in front of me in line right now looks like he stepped out of the 80s. Someone tell him highwaters were never cool!”, or maybe one like this: “If I ever get a roll of fat around my middle, someone, please just put me out of my misery!”


adj. cat·ti·er, cat·ti·est
1. Subtly cruel or malicious; spiteful: a catty remark.
2. Catlike; stealthy.

Adj. 1. catty – marked by or arising from malice; “a catty remark”

bitchy, cattish, malicious – having the nature of or resulting from malice; “malicious gossip”; “took malicious pleasure in…watching me wince”- Rudyard Kipling

I usually just ignore the posts and move on, but have decided recently that I just need to remove this kind of crap from my life. None of the posts are from anyone I’m close to, which goes to show that there was a reason they aren’t a real friend.
So I’ve made the decision to unfriend.
I know – rude of me. I should be witnessing, right? Nope – can’t do it. They don’t really care and probably won’t even notice that I’ve unfriended them. I’m surrounding myself with those who will left me up, rather than tear me (and everyone else) down.

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1 Response to Meow: Out with the Cats!

  1. Jan says:

    Good for you! It's important to know what is fruitful in our lives, and what is dead wood, and to prune the non-fruitful bits. I salute your courage .. in this, and in so many other situations!


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