What a Grand New Day!

I’m home from the Women of Faith Conference in Dallas. Three letters – W – O – W!!!

This is my third WOF conference to attend and couldn’t be more on target. The Porch Pals manage to make every one of the 16,000 women (and a handful of brave men) feel as if they are being spoken to directly!

Not only did the event re-ignite that fire (exactly what I needed), but I also got to meet some folks I have gotten to know on twitter. A message went out about a ‘Tweet-Up’ for those following WOF on Twitter – we gathered in a spot and looked at each other’s nametags and were humbled to meet those whose lives we’ve been sharing in! Truly an awesome group of people.

I know I’ve mentioned it before but Twitter has become a source of strength for me – I pop over and read updates throughout the day and the constant faith washes over me. I don’t see people griping about their day or making fun of people – I see updates that are uplifting and encouraging – I see wonderful men and women who use humor to uplift. Just reading a few tweets can turn my day around in an instant! I had been drifting a bit, but those 140 character updates have become an anchor and I’ll take this moment to say Thank You to those I follow and who have become important!

I was unsure about how to sum up the Women of Faith Conference – during the event I jotted down key phrases and thoughts that spoke to me, so in honor of Luci Swindoll and her love of lists, here is my WOF List:

* Let go and know that I am God! Let go of control, let go of fear

* If what you are doing isn’t working – STOP!!

* section 325, row T is the last row at AAC – seriously the LAST row!!

* Squat on a Stick means nothing – nada – zilch (Sheila Walsh)

* God said, “We’re in this together, until you kick the bucket, so go for it!” (Luci Swindoll)

* Even with all the bathrooms turned to women’s the lines are still looong!

* You delight my heart in a million ways! (Patsy Clarimont)

* Develop an attitude in the midst of trouble – God is on your side!

* It’s not possible to listen to Steven Curtis Chapman sing ‘Cinderella’ without bawling (blessings on that family)

* God takes the Good and takes the Bad and loves us anyway!!

More thoughts are still swirling through, but it may take a while to process (which will allow for another blog – YAY). Special thanks to my group from EE and our CEO for sponsoring and sending us at his expense. We truly appreciate the loving gesture!

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